Getting You Where You Need to Be – Hassle Free.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the private jet industry, Avalon Aviation stands alone when it comes to offering customized, personal travel solutions for busy business executives, CEOs, owners and entrepreneurs on the go.

 Depending on your level of understanding and experience with private jets or business aviation, we walk you through a collaborative, step-by-step process to make sure we help you discover the ideal solution for your business travel needs.

Step 1: Initial Meeting

In this phase, we sit down with you to discuss your goals and objectives – in short, where you want to go today and in the future! Based on that information, we develop a personalized “flight plan” or profile for you and/or your company. It includes your mission, goals and objectives when it comes to utilizing private jets and business aviation services, along with potential solutions for each need we identify. We’ll also emerge from this time having identified likely destinations, passenger requirements, available capital and more.

Step 2: Choices

 At this point, we’ll have the information we need to begin evaluating both the type of private jet that best fits your objectives, budget and travel plans, along with what type of approach you should take – whether it is outright purchase of an aircraft, fractional ownership, charter flights, jet cards or other options.

Step 3: Cost Analysis

 In this phase, Avalon Aviation will work with you to discuss and review financial requirements, including available capital for acquisitions, pro-forma annual budgets, operational costs and estimates for various business aviation solutions, and more.

Step 4: Implementation

 Now is the time to identify and choose the business aviation or private jet solution that works best for you based on the first three steps of our process. Avalon Aviation will conduct the necessary market research, such as identifying target aircraft to purchase outright, or possible charter services or fractional ownership offerings that are available through our trusted, global network of industry partners.

 As your co-pilot during the process, Avalon Aviation handles all aspects related to contracts and negotiations, providing complete oversight of the transaction and working hand-in-hand with your legal and/or accounting representatives.

 Our team will also take the lead on pre-purchase inspection and evaluation of aircraft, along with handling all aspects of closing and delivery related to a sale or purchase. In addition, Avalon Aviation handles any post-delivery modifications or upgrades as needed, along with vendor selection in areas such as avionics, interior design, painting, etc.

Step 5: Operations

 When needed, Avalon Aviation is able to provide operational solutions for whole aircraft acquisition and ownership, including private, in-house management of aircraft along with third party, Part 91 management and/or third party, Part 91 or Part 135 management and charter services.

Step 6: Support after Purchase

Our top priority at Avalon Aviation is to build ongoing, lasting relationships with each of our clients. We want you, as our client, to feel satisfied and excited about your experience within the business aviation and private jet sector, and it’s our goal to meet your needs no matter what objectives, opportunities or situations arise in your business or personal life as it relates to flying.

Whenever there is a need or a question on your end, we want to be there to solve it for you! Our ongoing, hands-on and personalized client services are a hallmark of how we do business at Avalon Aviation.

Post-purchase can include complimentary, annual re-evaluations to identify any personal or professional changes that have arisen in your situation, and adjust your business aviation or private jet solution accordingly.

We will also provide market-related feedback and insight related to topics including aircraft values, new offerings or solutions from trusted vendors and providers within our global network as well as aircraft evaluation for re-sale if that need arises.

Download ProcessAvalon Aviation also includes aircraft marketing and brokering services as part of its post-purchase, ongoing support program. We can also provide other exit strategy items (as needed) such as acquisition of replacement aircraft, representation during sales or contract negotiations or oversight of pre-purchase inspections for re-sale and delivery.

Whether helping you navigate the fractional ownership market, looking into the best possible leasing program or even purchasing an aircraft outright from a trusted source, Avalon Aviation is there to make the process seamless and stress free!